Effective May 2010
FBCU does not want to charge any fees at all. If we could we would give everyone everything. The problem is that we are charged for some of the services that our members use and we must pass on those charges.
We try to waive fees where possible and encourage our members to take the appropriate action to avoid fees.

In many cases fees are set up to cover our cost, and to discourage certain types of account handling, such as non-sufficient funds or return checks.

In most cases if you maintain your account balance, you will only be charged for those special services that you may use. Watch for the options that will save you money. Don't overdraw you account, and use FBCU for loans, checking and direct deposit. These services help you have fees waived.
Membership one time fee $5.00
Early closure (60 days from open date) $10.00
Share Accounts  
Monthly dues $2.00
Excessive withdrawals (more than 3/month) $5.00
Returned deposit item $20.00
NSF - ACH debit $20.00
Stop payment (corporate check) $10.00
Share Draft Accounts  
Monthly dues $5.00
Returned deposit item $20.00
NSF - share draft or ACH $20.00
Stop payment $10.00
10 or more ATM transaction $1.00 
Withdrawals or deposits (Bank of the West) FREE
Withdrawals or deposits (CO-OP Network®) FREE
Debit Cards  
Unlimited transactions FREE

Replacement card or PIN


Loan Related  
Unsecured loan application $15.00
Secured loan application FREE
Private party auto $25.00
Lien satisfied $15.00
Refinancing existing FBCU loan (floating home loans excluded) 1% of loan balance. Minimum $10.00. Maximum $250.00.
Other Services  
Statement copy/check copy/history print $2.00
Incoming wire $15.00
Outgoing wire $25.00
Legal documents $25.00
Account research  $25.00/hr
Verification of deposit $10.00
Returned mail $2.00
Money order purchase $1.25/each
Money order copy $5.00
Photocopies $0.10
Escheated account $5.00
Reconveyance fee $45.00
Demand statement  $30.00
ACH origination - recurring FREE
ACH origination - non-recurring $5.00